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Wrap Edge has been creating guitar skins since 2009.   We cater to the customer who wants a single template cut guitar skin to the corporate client that wants hundreds wrapped to showcase their brand.   Need a custom graphic or image on a guitar skin you have come to the right place.  We have quite a few guitar templates if you don’t see yours contact us and let us know we may have it but have not listed it.   Templates are fine but due to the variation in the way they make these guitars (ie: might put the body in the jig at a slight angle)  and different plants seem to vary things slightly we suggest you use an uncut skin and trim it to fit your guitar for a more professional look.  One thing we have done to try and correct this is to make the tone and volume holes real small so there isn’t a problem.

This is a new site so we only have a few of our templates and designs listed right now.  Any design you see on our site can be offered in a guitar skin.  Our guitar skins are made out of a thin vinyl that we digitally print on and then laminate it with a clear vinyl for protection.  The ink we use is uv resistant so will last a long time.  The adhesive is pressure sensitive so will not adhere completely until you apply pressure.  This allows you to move it where you want it without wrecking the graphic.   It also has an air release channel in the adhesive allowing air to escape so you don’t have bubbles.  You will be surprised at how easy and how good these skins look.  Many think they are painted on.   You can check out our guitar skins here.

If your guitar has a pickguard you have several options.  Obviously you can leave your pickguard the way it is.   If we have the template for your guard we can cut it in the same vinyl as your body.   Another option is we have plastic and metal pickguards that could be done to match your guitar skin for a really cool look.

jim beam guitar skin