custom drum wraps

We have several different types of custom drum wraps.  The most economical and thinnest is a 4 mil. vinyl that includes a clear laminate.  This drum wrap can be printed with a very high resolution at full color.  It can go over existing wraps and can be cleared over for a more durable finish.  We do suggest testing the clear on the material before actually doing this however.   Our drum wraps are here.

We also have a thicker vinyl wrap with more aggressive  adhesive which is suitable for going over raw shells.  It may go over existing wraps if your hardware will allow it.  This drum wrap is 16 mil thick.  It has a 4 mil vinyl and a 12 mil high impact clear that holds up very well to abuse.

We have glitter in 3 thicknesses.   The most economical is a 4 mil vinyl that surprisingly is  fairly durable.  This is a great looking glitter almost holographic in appearance.    In a 20 mil thick version We  offer fades such as a black to red or whatever fade combination you like.   The glitter can be seen through the color and it creates a great looking drum wrap.   We also offer graphics superimposed over the glitter that creates really cool look as in this dragon drum wrap here.

Any of our designs can be put on any of the different wraps.  Rather than list all the different designs under every category we are listing all the designs under the stock drum wrap category and you just need to pick the type of wrap and size from the drop down menus .  For custom wraps contact us and we will give you a drop box for your graphics and a price quote


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