Wrap Edge has been on the forefront of decorating music gear with graphics since 2009.   Visit our Shop page here to see the list of  wrap edge products we are offering.  We currently are the only ones in the industry that  have products that are powder coated metal with the image embedded into the finish of the product.   Check out our powder coated stainless steel pickguards here.     And our plastic Pickguards here.  We also have powder coated aluminum  drum wraps with the image embedded into the finish  here.

We still offer guitar wraps for all makes and models with our uncut skins.  We have guitar skins that are template cut to certain model guitars as well.   We have many stock products with our graphics available.  If you prefer to use your own graphics such as your band logo we have an online designer here where you can layout  a drum head or a pickguard.  We also sell banners and stage mesh and they can be laid out on the designer as well.   If you prefer to have us layout your graphics on our products we can do that as well just contact us and we can give you info such as a drop box for your artwork and pricing etc…    If you need graphics for your music gear you have come to the right place.