Eagle Nebula Drum Wrap




This Eagle Nebula Drum Wrap is a high resolution image of the eagle nebula and is available in 3 different materials and in various sizes.  we also do custom wraps with your image.  Just give us a call and we can quote that out for you.  The prices set up are for 1 or two drums if you have a kit you are redoing give us a call and we may be able to give you a better price based on the number of drums you are doing.

The 4 mil vinyl prints great has a laminate and positional adhesive.  It is great for going over existing wraps.  It is our least durable wrap though and if you need a lot of durability you may want to go with one of our other wraps.   The 16 mil is very durable has a high impact resistant laminate and an aggressive adhesive that will go over raw wood shells.    The metal wrap is made out of .024 aluminum.  It has a powder coated finish with the image embedded into the finish of the powder coat.  It comes with an aggressive but very thin adhesive that is on a paper carrier.  The image on this wrap can be photographic in quality and “bullet-proof” in durability.   We also have uv reflective pigment in the base powder coat so the light areas really pop if there are any black lights.

eagle nebula drum wrap

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