Custom Speaker Mesh




This is a custom speaker mesh that can replace your current mesh or grill cloth in your speaker cabs.   We use an acoustically transparent mesh that can be printed on with opaque inks.  This allows us to reproduce your band graphics or logo or whatever image you want.  Installation will depend on your cab.   Some prefer to make a new frame and put the new mesh on a new frame.   You could use velcro to attach the mesh but we recommend replacing your existing mesh with the new mesh or building a frame to make a new mesh cover.

You can design your speaker mesh on our templates.   Just shoot us an email with your desired speaker setup and we will send you over a template for you to design it on.  you can email us at If you have any questions feel free to call us regarding your specific needs.  We also make stage mesh and stage scrims.   Another product that we offer is a back plate that would have your logo or band graphics on it.  this would be an acrylic or hardboard that can be attached to the back of your speaker so when you have your speaker turned toward the mike and the back is toward the crowd they can see some artwork rather than the back of your cab.

brit custom speaker mesh