Burning guitar earrings

  personalized earrings are here.  If you want a burning guitar on your earrings, key chain, pendant or Christmas ornament now you can have it.   We have the capability of putting any graphic or picture on these items in a very durable and beautiful process.  The products are powder coated metal with graphics embedded into […]

pickguard custom paisley

Custom Paisley Pickguard

While we offer quite a few graphics for pickguards, guitar skins and drum wraps the real potential of what we offer lies in the customization of these products.   This paisley pickguard was laid out with graphics provided by the customer on our online designer.   Now you can get your own graphics put on your gear.   […]

graffiti mustang bass metal pickguard

Stainless Steel Mustang Bass Pickguard Graffiti

Here is an example of how cool powder coated stainless steel pickguards can look.  This is a series 304 stainless that has been powder coated with the graphics embedded into the finish of the powder coat.  This Stainless Steel Mustang Bass Pickguard Graffiti has a Powder coated finish which is  one of the most durable […]