Q.How soon can I expect to get my custom pickguard?

A. The plastic custom pickguards take between 3 to 5 days to get out the door.   Custom metal pickguards could be a couple more days.  Custom Guitar Skins are 2 to 3 days along with our stock guitar skins and drum wraps.

Q. How does the metal pick guards effect the sound?

A. Well most purist would say everything effects the sound.  There is an article on the inter-net by Bill Lawrence in which he addresses this issue.  He mentions that steel and aluminum create problems but the series 300 stainless steel has none of the cons of these metals yet still is an excellent shield for fm and efi signal interference.  The stainless has no magnetic interference.

Q. Shipping do you ship to other countries?

A. Yes we ship to 6 continents and haven’t shipped to Antarctica because no one has ordered from there yet what is wrong with those folks?  We charge a flat rate of 15.00 usd  to ship to other countries via priority us mail.  with the exception of Canada whom we are giving a break as our relatives are from there we will ship there for 10.00 usd.