We been putting graphics on products since 1989.  We don’t just rely on our experience though as we are always looking for new ways to  create high resolution custom pickguards, guitar skins, drum wraps, drum headsspeaker mesh and a variety of products for bands and stage performance.  For Pickguards we have both plastic and metal.  The plastic pickguards are made out of a quality very rigid plastic.  we countersink the screw holes and bevel the edges.  They can be had in a gloss or matte finish.  The image is into the finish of the plastic making it very durable and beautiful.  The metal we use is a stainless series 304 which has no magnetic qualities so doesn’t interfere with the pick ups.  We powder coat the stainless steel and then have the graphics embedded into the finish of the powder coat making one of the most durable and beautiful type pickguard products on the planet.  You have to see them to believe the quality. We have different thicknesses of drumwraps from very thin that can be cleared over to a very gloss impact wrap that can go right over the raw shell.  Then there are the guitar skins.  We can create full guitar wraps or the top guitar skins.  Both look amazing and can be cleared over creating a permanent custom guitar graphic.  We also offer quality custom stage mesh and speaker graphics.  These products are acoustically transparent allowing sound to get through but can be imaged with band or sponsor graphics.  Now you can use that space for band or sponsor adds.

Check out our Product pages which contain more information on our drumwraps, pickguards and other products.